Friday, April 19, 2013

SocialWyo Tech Talk: Get More Fans

By Juliette Rule

Do you know how to get your Page to 30 fans? Heck, increase the number of fans you have already? We discussed a few tips to do just that at today's SocialWyo Tech Talk. Uh-huh. The one you missed.

The talk was free, thanks to Laramie County Community Community College, so make sure you put the next one on your calendar. It's happening at noon, May 16 in the Sage Room at the Laramie County Library. We'll discuss Insights, and by discuss, I mean you'll be expected to ask questions, especially dumb questions.

Back to those tips on fan acquisition ... but one quick thing first.

If you haven't claimed your fan Page's custom URL, you'll need to do so. It makes cross-marketing easier, meaning you can just tell your friends ... those you see IRL ... "Fan my Page! It's facebook dot com slash SocialWyo!" Much easier to remember than "facebook dot com slash My Page weird letters and numbers," which really is a string of code at the end of your Page name. To do that, you'll have to let Facebook know you want it:

Done? Good. Now for those tips for fans.

1. Post regularly. I always tell people to post two or three times a week at least. The truth is, you probably should be posting more frequently, but it's sort of like flossing, I figure. Better to do it three times a week than never at all. Just don't tell Dr. Zumo, OK? Why should you post regularly? Because you need more to do, solopreneuer! I kid. Post regularly so fans see your content, like, comment and/or share it so their friends can see it and come like your Page. Plus, you'll meet other marketing goals like driving sales or increasing sign ups or attendance at your event. This, my friends, is how you tackle both customer-fan acquisition and use Facebook for like actual marketing.

2. Email. It's a classic. If you haven't emailed to your friends and your customers a message specifically asking them to fan your Page, you should. If you're using your customer list in this way, make sure this email is good. Really good. Why? Because you can't ask your customers more than a few times to fan your Page. Some aren't on Facebook, and they're tired of being told they should be. Some are on Facebook, and they're already your fan. Those who are on Facebook deserve an easy way to fan your Page. So make this email pop. Give them a reason to click. (When your customer file grows significantly, hit that list again, choosing at that time whether to include this first group again in the fan push.)

3. Email. Yes. Again with the email. Include in your email template - in the header or the footer - a link to your fan Page. You use just a signature in your Outlook? Fine. Good! Include a link in your signature.

4. Facebook. That's right. Ask your friends on Facebook to fan your Page by posting a personal status update tagging your Page. Tell them why they should do that, as in give them a sense of the content you promise you'll deliver. Special deals for fans? Opportunities to volunteer in the community? Feel good stories about the awesome stuff you find online or in your community? Tell them. Sell it, baby. But keep it short.

5. If you're lucky, your fan Page has a new-ish feature in the admin panel called Promote Page. I'd screenshot it, but SocialWyo doesn't have it. Not sure why, but I know I'm not gonna cry about it. I do know its power because I've used it for other Pages. So check it out. Set a budget - it's not free - and watch that fan count climb.

6. If I were to go to your web site right now, and I mean right now, would it be obvious to me that you're even on Facebook? Fix that. Work with your web site designer, and proudly give her your Facebook Page customer URL.

Ahhh yes, I've forgotten to tell you why you want to get to 30 fans! It's so you can access Insights, and then you can really start measuring your Facebook marketing efforts! That, friends, is the topic of the May 16 SocialWyo Tech Talk.

What have you done to acquire fans? Ohhh. That's a good one. Put your custom URL on your business card! That's a good one. What else ya got?


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